Wish You Could Take A Quick Nap At Work? You Can With This Cozy Desk

As much as you might have resisted them as a child, as an adult, you’ve probably grown to appreciate naps. These blissful little breaks from the world make you look more like a well-adjusted adult and less like a disoriented zombie.

But the adult world isn’t exactly conducive to napping. We’re forced to trudge on, down another cup of coffee, and try not to pass out. It’s a vicious cycle.

The designers at the Greek company Studio NL, however, want to change that!

They want to give you the right to nap again.

This innovative desk features a compartment underneath that opens up into a little bed for when you absolutely need to crash. It can even be hooked up with a monitor in case you need some white noise to drown out the sounds of your work environment.

The top of the desk can be slid out, which allows a second person to use the desk while someone is sleeping below. This makes it perfect for teams that need to stay up late finishing projects, since they can all take turns napping and working.

Of course, it’s probably better to nap without someone’s knees in your way, but think of the bliss this could bring your workplace.

If you want more privacy (and you’re not claustrophobic), you can even fold yourself inside by shutting the walls. You can see the desk in action, and also check out more designs by Studio NL, on their website.