10 Child Stars- SO cute then, not so cute now!

It is not easy being a child star or having huge success and popularity at a young age. Just look at the current Justin Bieber public melt down for an ongoing example of how easy it is for young stars to spin out of control. Many child stars do not look the same after they grow up. While it is unfair to call them all totally ugly, it is certainly easy to see many are not as cute as they once were.

Here is a top ten list of stars that changed dramatically, mostly for the worse, as they grew older.

10. Dustin Diamond

He played Screech in the television show “Saved by the Bell.” He is not ugly, but what he had as a young actor with goofy charm did not translate into adulthood with the same charm.

9. Danny Bonaduce

He starred as the cute young kid in “The Partridge Family,” but heavy drug and alcohol abuse shows now in his weathered looks. He got his act together and tries to help others avoid the troubles he experienced.


8. Todd Bridges

He played Willis on the television show “Different Strokes.” At that time, he had a big afro and looked great. Now he is bald and his big egg-shaped head misses having that wonderful hair to cover it up.


7. Lindsay Lohan

At one time Lindsay Lohan was adorable. In 1998, when she was only 11-years old she starred in the Disney remake of the film “The Parent Trap” and in 2003, “Freaky Friday,” followed by a great performance in the 2004 film “Mean Girls.” Since then, she has been in and out of rehab so many times, she probably has a bed reserved in her name by now. She looks run down and worn out.


6. Mark Hamill

An unfortunate car accident affected Mark Hamill’s looks after the making of Star Wars in 1977.  He attempted to cross four lanes of traffic to get to his off ramp. (Let that be a lesson to you–travel to the next ramp and backtrack rather than making this dangerous maneuver.) Doctors had success rebuilding his face resulting in only subtle differences from before. Since, he has not lacked for work, even making use of his scars for his character in The Empire Strikes Back.  His current looks lend themselves to his, now, primary line of work—voice acting.