She Was Extremely Worried When Her Kids Came Home With These Strange Sores

When your children go out to play, the hope is that they return home happy, healthy, and (if you’re really lucky) tuckered out. Fortunately, that’s how most playdates go.

Brenda Sanderson’s children, however, didn’t have such a great experience. Things got bad when they went to a party that came complete with a bouncy house. Those are usually fun, safe places for children to hang out and play. But when her kids got home, Sanderson noticed that their arms were covered in weird sores.

After going to a doctor, Sanderson found out that her sons had contracted staph infections from the bouncy house.

Staph infections occur when people come into contact with equipment that hasn’t been properly cleaned.

Similar to gym mats, the material that bouncy houses are made of can hold on to staph bacteria.

Even the most innocent situations can turn into something horrible. Unfortunately, the only way to keep your kids completely out of harm’s way is to make them live in a bubble — and that obviously wouldn’t be cool. Let’s just keep those bouncy houses clean, okay?