This Dog Groomer Loves Her Job…Mainly Because Of These Hilarious Faces

Being a dog groomer has its challenges. The fluffy clientele aren’t there because they made the beauty appointment themselves. And more often than not, they really aren’t happy about their human taking the liberty of booking the spa day.

But groomer Jasmyn Jensen doesn’t let that stop her from making sure each fuzzball leaves looking their absolute best…or from having a little fun while they’re there. While the dogs are dealing with the emotional ordeal known as “bath time,” she pulls out her camera and captures how they really feel.

“That dirt was my best friend.”

He could hear bath time coming from a mile away.

“Will you let me out if I promise not to shake all over?”

“I will get you for this.”

“I shampooed this morning, I swear!”

“Whatever, this is awesome!”

“My ancestors spoke of such an indignity…”

“I have never felt so beautiful.”

“Why don’t you get a little closer with that fancy camera, eh?”

I would be legit afraid of that last dude if I were Jensen. You can find more of the adorable doggy snapshots over on her Instagram page.