This Might Look Like An Ordinary Razor, But It’s Actually So Much Cooler

Shaving is just another annoying thing that people have to do every day. I mean, there’s nothing fun about putting sharp blades near some of the most sensitive areas of your body. But what can we do about it? Laser hair removal is expensive, and chemical-based products like Nair can be extremely dangerous.

Well, this razor could potentially change everything. It’s called Skarp, and it uses laser technology to zap unwanted hair away.

This razor reduces irritation, and it’s actually safer for your skin than traditional razors.

It uses a small laser built into the frame to remove hair from the root.

This razor is also eco-friendly. You’ll never have to deal with throwing out a bunch of razors and razor heads again.

To see how it works in more detail, check out the video below:


I can’t wait until these bad boys hit the shelves. I want one so badly, because I’m honestly just tired of shaving. If you’re interested, you can donate to their Kickstarter campaign and get the ball rolling on this awesome invention.