This Polar Bear Was Rescued From Whale Nets By The Hunters Who Left Them Out

The change in climate has led many of Alaska’s polar bears without enough ice to call home. It’s especially scarce during the summer months, so the bears do their best to live on the land. However, they need to cool down now and then by taking a dip in the water, something that sadly puts them in danger.

Local beluga whale hunters often leave their large nets out to snag their catch, which in this case turned out to be a lost polar bear. A tourist guide in the area who was out taking a group of people to see the bears in their natural habitat first noticed the tuckered out creature struggling in the net. Soon, a group of fishermen — including the man whose net was the culprit — arrived to help untangle the poor thing.

Watch the incredible rescue in the video here:

This is just one of many sad consequences polar bears and other wild animals of the area face because they’re losing their natural habitat. You can contribute to protecting and preserving their livelihood by visiting organizations such as Alaska Wilderness League and Polar Bears International.

The situation is only going to get worse if we don’t do something about it.