Nana The Earless Pit Bull Had A Rough Beginning, But Now She’s Happy As A Clam

Nana the earless pit bull was rescued from the plight that too many female dogs experience: repeatedly forced to birth litter after litter of puppies, the poor girl wasn’t allowed to live her own life. Nana’s previous owners kept her in a cage and watched her health and spirits drastically deteriorate without a care…absolutely horrible.

When she was surrendered at age eight, she was finally able to start experiencing happiness and love.

As you can see, Nana absolutely loves her life now.


But she wasn’t always a contender for happiest pup on the planet…quite the opposite, in fact.


Not only was this sweetheart treated like a means to an end — an object — she was also neglected.

Her vets can only guess that she’s left with no ears due to a botched ear-clipping procedure when she was very young.


Her teeth were almost all gone when she was rescued, but she has no problem chowing down on food…


…or destroying toys, and nibbling on furniture

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